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Soft Seated Ball Valve Application

Soft Seated Ball Valve Application


Installation of NPS6 (DN150) soft seated ball valves with pneumatic actuator at a chemical factory.

Soft seated ball valve, taking a rotation movement of 90 degrees, maintain a ball as its plug body with a round hole passing through its axis. The Nanfang soft seated ball valves take a main function of distribution, cutting off and transition of medium’s flowing. With a small rotation of 90 degrees and turning torque, soft seated ball valves share a well-performed sealing effect. Recently, the relevant development of soft seated ball valves has been endowed with the characteristics of flow throttling and controlling.

Soft seated ball valves share such characteristics with tight configuration, stable sealing, and convenient repairing. The sealing surface of soft seated ball valves maintains a closing position between ball’s surfaces without any flushes by the mediums, employed in the working mediums of water, solvents, acids, gas and etc, as well as mediums under tough working environment such as oxygen, methane, ethylene and etc. The soft seated ball valves can share an integral structure or a combined type. 

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