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CV 3000 control valve

CV 3000 control valve


CV 3000 control valve

1.        Achieved a larger cv value and wider adjustable ratio

The S-shaped valve body generated from the unique fluid analysis can suppress the occurrence of a vortex due to the complicated shape of the flow path and the complicated irregular flow caused by the sudden expansion of the flow path, resulting in a highly efficient medium flow. In addition, The guide vanes in the cage valve can efficiently introduce the unstable fluid generated around the cage into the cage. Due to these characteristics, the CV 3000 series control valve has a CV value increase of 30% compared with the original V series control valve. In addition, the adjustable ratio is expanded from 30:1 to 50:1 (with accessories up to 75:1), so it can be used to control the load fluctuation in a wider range.

2.        High-precision flow characteristics bring "ideal" flow

Adopt a high-precision flow characteristic curve as the standard technical parameter to theoretically realize the "ideal" flow. Stabilize the process gain; under computer simulation, flexible control can be achieved under the condition that the valve opening is under process control.

3.        Small size and lightweight

The CV3000 series regulating valve uses a multi-spring type small and large output force film actuator with a simple mechanical structure, which successfully reduces the height and achieves miniaturization. According to the multi-spring film actuator and the s-shaped valve body, the CV3000 type regulating valve Compared with the original V-type control valve, the valve can achieve 30%-40% smaller and lighter, which has contributed to the effective use of space.

4.        Full specifications and wide application

CV3000 series control valve has a wide range of control from the vacuum valve to a high-pressure valve, from low temperature to high temperature. Widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer, general chemistry, steel, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power, light industry, and other automatic control processes.

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