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The Application of pneumatic operated quick shut-off valves

The Application of pneumatic operated quick shut-off valves


Pneumatic operated quick shut-off valve

Pneumatic operated quick shut-off valve is a common safety equipment in the automation system, can suitable to use in the bad working environment with strong overload capacity and low failure rate. The valve is in the normal open state during the daily work, solenoid valve coil is in the state of power failure, and no consumption of electricity.When the failure occurs, the solenoid valve coil is energized instantly, triggering the shut-off valve to close quickly and entering the self-locking state.At this point, even if the power is removed, the valve is still in the state of self-locking and will not reopen automatically.

For the pneumatic operated shut-off valve, the air source requirements requires that it should be  through the filter of compressed air; The medium which flow through the valve body should be free of impurities and particles of liquid and gas, and the valve should be fast closed and tight. The shut-off valve services fast vent in the automatic control system, with simple structure, sensitive reaction, reliable action and other characteristics.

Main applications of pneumatic operated quick shut-off valve:

1. Connect with the combustible gas leakage detection instrument. When the instrument detects the combustible gas leakage, it will automatically and quickly close the main suppling gas valve and cut off the gas supply, so as to timely prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents.

2. It is connected with the limit temperature (pressure) safety controller of the thermal equipment. When the temperature (pressure) of the detection point in the equipment exceeds the set limit value, the gas supply valve will be automatically and quickly closed to stop the fuel supply.

3. It is connected with the central fire alarm of high-rise buildings to automatically cut off the gas supply in the building in case of fire, so as to prevent gas explosion.

Pneumatic operated quick shut-off valves offer excellent technical performance, low load loss and high reliability.Applicable to gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gases, widely used in gas supply pipe network system, gas-fired thermal power plant, gas-fired boiler room and residential safety facilities.


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