Why should I turn to Nan Fang?
How to choose a brand of Hangzhou Fuyang Nan Fang Valve Industry Co., Ltd is a concern for many companies. Nan Fang Valve is recommended in consideration of the following two aspects. The first is the quality parameters of the product itself. Some new brands or small brands do not have the core technology and production process, thus there is no quality or technical guarantee for the products. The second is brand reliability. Our company thrives off the fast pace of the industry. The experience gained over years of production and overseas marketing has allowed us to create the most competitive products and services.
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Nan Fang Valve is the top manufacturer of China pneumatic actuator. Nan Fang Valve's electric butterfly valve series include multiple types. Being novel in its unique design, industrial gate valve has gained more and more attention. At Nanfang, every valve meets all requirements for plumbing in all countries. The product has good electromagnetic compatibility. Its conductors' width in the circuit board will be arranged reasonably, which helps reduce the interference caused by the transient current. Nanfang has 19 years’ valve production experience.
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We want to bring high-quality products and services to our customers. We will address the challenges of a changing market quickly and never compromise on quality.

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