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Working Principle Of Pneumatic Operated Three-way Control Valve

Working Principle Of Pneumatic Operated Three-way Control Valve


three-way control valve

1. Application

Pneumatic operated control valves are divided into two modes of action: converging valve and diverging valve. The plug structure adopts a cylindrical thin-walled window and is guided by the side of the plug. In some cases, it can replace two pieces two-way valves and a three-way connection pipe. It is commonly used for two fluid distribution adjustments in heat exchangers, and can also be used for simple ratio adjustments.


2. Working principle

The pneumatic operated three-way control valve adopts an electric-pneumatic valve positioner, which is powered by electric signals and compressed air, and receives 0-10mA.DC or 4-20mA.DC current signals input by the control system. The compressed air is converted into Air source pressure signal input and output can realize split-range control (segment signal), thereby changing the opening displacement of the valve plug, and achieving precise adjustment and control of the process parameters of the fluid medium.


1) The pneumatic piston actuator adopts compressed air as the power source, and the movement of the piston drives the crank arm to rotate 90 degrees, so that the valve can be opened and closed automatically.

2) The pneumatic operated three-way control valve is composed of an actuator and an adjustment mechanism. The actuator is the thrust component of the control valve, which generates the corresponding thrust according to the pressure of the control signal to push the regulating mechanism to move. The valve body is the regulating component of the pneumatic control valve, which directly contacts the regulating medium to regulate the flow of the fluid.

3) When the air hole on the right side takes in air, the piston inside the actuator moves to both sides, driving the middle output shaft to roll, and the stroke angle is exactly 90 degrees, making the valve fully open.

4) When the air hole on the left takes in air, the piston inside the actuator moves to the middle, driving the rolling of the middle output shaft, the stroke angle is also 90 degrees, so that the valve is fully closed.

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